Connell Clinic Expands Pharmacy

“We had to coordinate the moving of three departments to make room for the expanding pharmacy: eyecare moved to patient benefits, pharmacy moved to the old eyecare and patient benefits is in a temporary location until the old pharmacy is remodeled,” said Kyle Hogaboam, pharmacist at the Connell Family Clinic.

“We’re so grateful to the Connell area community for its acceptance of our pharmacy services; we started in August, 2012, as a remote service telepharmacy; demand was so high that we opened a full service pharmacy in October of 2013,” Hogaboam said. 

New features of the pharmacy include a drive through window, much larger waiting room, more private area for pharmacist consultations and closer proximity to medical providers.  “The addition of the drive through will benefit many of our patients who have difficulty getting out of their vehicle and getting inside the clinic due to a variety of factors.  The new waiting room is more spacious,” he said.